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foliar feeding plant health update

Crop Nutrition Agronomist, Scott Baker, takes a look at how foliar feeding can help relieve crop stress this Spring.

For many, this Spring season started wet, then continuous dry weather meant planting and fertiliser applications could go ahead as planned. However, the dry weather has turned into a drought and many crops throughout the UK are suffering stress due to the lack of rainfall. On the positive side disease pressure has been relatively low for most growers this season, and forward combinable crop values are as high as they have been for some time. Growing conditions mean crops are likely to respond very positively to foliar applied nutrition, and return on investment will be high.

Foliar Feeding Winter Cereals

Foliar fertilisers are ideal in sub-optimal growing periods, because they do not rely on root uptake. Foliar feeding alleviates stress situations and helps to boost growth during critical stages of plant development by supplying nutrients to plants when soil application is not effective.

SAP Testing

For a tailored requirement the best option is to take crop samples and sent to OMEX, to conduct a SAP test. This will provide an accurate and up to date assessment of available nutrient levels here and now.

Bio 20

However, if you need something to relieve the drought stress and provide a multi-nutrient foliar feed now, look no further than Bio 20. As the “go to product” for so many farmers, Bio 20 has become a market leading stress buster. You can expect a rapid visual improvement following application to crops under stress. When used as part of a nutrient management programme, Bio 20 helps to create larger or bolder harvestable produce, resulting in higher crop yield.

Read more, here, on how the Lincolnshire farmer boosted crop health with Bio 20.

3X Solution

For those just wanting to top up on your base nutrition with a multi-nutrient foliar on a budget, 3X Solution is likely to be the product of choice.

Spring Crops

Spring crops are really suffering. So much so that it is difficult to offer guidance without crop walking or at least a one-to-one discussion on your particular circumstances. If you don’t have a regular OME contact, use our handy postcode locator tool, here,  to find who your nearest OMEX technical expert is. Our FACTs qualified team will be able to advise the best foliar nutrition plan to help boost your crop.


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