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What does it mean to Grow With OMEX? Technical Manager, Joe Barfoot, gives his answers below.

Having worked in the growing industry for many years, the importance of service and understanding what your customer wants to achieve has always been an ethos I’ve found important, but never more so than my experience with OMEX. There are so many different aspects to OMEX, that are constantly working hard behind the scenes, to ensure the grower achieves top quality and yield.

Research and Development

OMEX employ a vast R&D programme, utilising greenhouse trials, field scale trials and partnerships with independent universities and research organisations, to ensure the grower is able to apply the best products at optimal rates.

reducing emissions david booty

Technical Development Manager, David Booty


Innovative research including RNA gene sequencing, and measurement of emissions into the atmosphere is just some of the work OMEX are currently working on, to ensure the best choice for the grower. The range of OMEX products are continually trialled to ensure they are being applied in the most effective way to promote crop health, and in turn yield. The horticultural technical team work with growers to assess their needs, and identify future developments that would aid the industry, which is fed back to the R&D department who work to provide solutions for growers.

Global Knowledge

OMEX operate in over 85 countries, bringing a wealth of knowledge from our teams located around the world. As a global team we can work together to ensure the grower is following best practice. A concept that may be working for a blueberry grower in America could work for our customers here in the UK, so international knowledge sharing is a useful tool for those Growing With OMEX.

International OMEX blueberry growing

An understanding of how growers around the world use OMEX products, enables us to create accurate ICM programmes, utilising nutrition at the best possible times for plant absorption.

National Coverage, Local Service

In the UK, OMEX operate all the way from the North of Scotland down to the South of England. With tactically placed distribution hubs located across the country, the grower is able to receive their order in a timely matter. Growing crops is a time sensitive procedure, so knowing you’re going to get your feeds, when you need it, is key. Alongside a national distribution network, OMEX offer local service from industry experts including myself, Joe Barfoot, Richard Cameron, and Soft Fruit Agronomist, Dr Neil Holmes. As a team we work together with our years of expert industry knowledge to identify any issues growers may have, and implement the most effective programmes for our customers.

Joe Richard Neil OMEX Horticulture

Richard Cameron, Joe Barfoot, Neil Holmes

Growing With OMEX is about quality products, excellent service and top notch technical backing to get you, as a grower, to achieve the best possible return on your investment.

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